About Us

Average?  ... Not Us

None of my children are "average" sizes.  No matter what I buy or where I buy it, I am always altering their clothes, especially their skirts.  (A big thank-you to my mother for teaching me how to sew!)  I need skirts that cover their knees but also fit their waist and are affordable.  My kids need skirts that are fun, unique, and comfortable to play in.  

The solution:  to re-purpose some of their existing clothing into new and beautiful pieces that cover their knees and fit their waist.  Added bonus:  because I reused materials, I saved money and helped the environment.  What can be better than that?  Then I thought, "Hey, I can do this for other people too!"  And so, Knobbly Knees Clothing was born.

Please come visit our studio.


Customize for your Child

To customize a size for your child, we will require your child's measurements. We are happy to measure your child in our studio.  If it is not possible to bring your child, you can measure at home by using a measuring tape.  No measuring tape? Wrap a piece of string or tape around your child's waist, cut it to size and bring it with you to the studio.

Our Skirts

Our skirts are made in house by an expert seamstress.  Because each skirt is unique, materials may vary.  Re-purposed materials are washed and inspected by us, however,imperfections may be present.  



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