Modest Skirts for Girls

With the environment in mind, all skirts are made from re-purposed materials.

With your budget in mind, all skirts, all styles, all sizes are only $22 each.

With your child in mind, skirts can be customized to length and waist-size,

or choose from a selection of ready-to-wear sizes.

Now In-Store for Winter

Ready-to-wear skirts are $22





" I love that you will not find two skirts alike in the whole store."
- Sarah A.
"My daughter is tall and thin.  Finding a skirt that covers her knees and fits her waist is a challenge.  I brought my daughter's measurements to Knobbly Knees and found a skirt that fit her perfectly."
-Aviva R.

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Hours of Operation

At this time we welcome you to the studio to browse and shop by appointment only Sunday through Friday.  Please make an appointment that best suits your time schedule. You may arrive any time within your booked timeslot. If your day is a bit unpredictable please book two time slots. 

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