Modest Skirts for Girls

With the environment in mind, all skirts are made from re-purposed materials.

With your budget in mind, all skirts, all styles, all sizes are only $22 each.

With your child in mind, skirts can be customized to length and waist-size,

or choose from a selection of ready-to-wear sizes.

Now In-Store

Orange striped jersey, Size 5, $22

Horizontal blue, green and white jersey, Size 10/12, Slim 14, $22

Grey plaid taffeta with peach chiffon flower,

Size 10, $22

Pink and blue floral print jersey with lace belt trim, Size 6/7, $22

" I love that you will not find two skirts alike in the whole store."
- Sarah A.
"My daughter is tall and thin.  Finding a skirt that covers her knees and fits her waist is a challenge.  I brought my daughter's measurements to Knobbly Knees and found a skirt that fit her perfectly."
-Aviva R.

Studio Location

289 Bridgeland Avenue, Suite 200              Toronto, Ontario                                                  416-999-4665                                                                                                                                            Please note the studio is a second story walk-up.  If you can't do the stairs I'm happy to accommodate.  Please call ahead 

Hours of Operation

Available for appointments Sunday-Friday, day or evening, anytime.  Call 416-999-4665

Drop-in hours for week of May 27, 2019:

Monday 10am-3pm                                                          Tuesday 10am-3pm

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